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This is really a site for everyone interested in outdoor fitness, or not. No matter what your preferred sport or activity, if you like indoor or outdoor fitness, if you are an experienced athlete or are just looking to develop a program and learn about gear and explore resources to help you enjoy the outdoors this web site is for you.

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There are many web sites out there that talk about fitness, exercise, weight loss and nutrition. We like to think that GetOutdoorFit.com is unique because of it's free and easy style and its combining of comprehensive information on functional strength training, articles on basic exercise concepts, balance and agility. Include in that mix gear reviews for the outdoor enthusiast, detailed discussions on everything from trail running shoes to eco-travel and you've got a feeling for what we're passionate about here at GetOutdoorFit.com.

You'll find articles written by specialists in sports medicine, nutrition, physical therapy, fitness and athletic training. Our hope is that this web site will become the one stop you make for for all your outdoor conditioning, gear and fitness questions.

Outdoor Fitness That Adapts To Change

Your body is a set of physiological and biomechanical structures that are constantly changing over time. In order for you to optimize your time and health and to get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor activities you need to select wisely from a huge range of choices when it comes to maintaining and conditioning your musculoskeletal and cardiovasular systems.

Outdoor Fitness Through Exercise You'll Love

Have you searched the web looking for advice on what type of conditioning will be best to achieve your goals or how to devise an exercise program that is both challenging and specific enough to support you through your outdoor activity of choice and keep you interested enough in that exercise program to keep doing it, even when you don't feel like it? As you read through our site you'll find that we're collecting a ton of resources to help you meet these goals. Be sure to check out our Outdoor Fitness section; there you'll find more information on how the types of things your outdoor fitness program should address including:

  • basic aerobic fitness and endurance
  • muscular strength (both for tone and function)
  • balance and agility
  • flexibility (to help avoid injury)
  • activity-specific coordination and skill

Hiking And Outdoor Fitness

Getting in shape for hiking and backpacking consists primarily of improving your aerobic fitness both in town and on your outdoor training days. You'll need to include some basic strength training and balance exercises too, especially if you are doing steeper trails requiring handholds, areas with river or boulder crossings, or deep snow with uneven terrain. You'll find lots of tips and great resources in our Hiking section. Here we include some exercise information, practical tips to help you plan and execute hikes and over time we'll be adding region specific information so be sure to check back there often.

Outdoor Gear Reviews

This section concentrates on the gear that makes it all come together. Here we look at trail and street running shoes, backpacks, stoves, tents, GPS, you name it and we'll eventually cover it. This summer we began preparing a set of articles on light-weight backpacking chairs. We know that this isn't on everyone's list but we decided to include it in the mix of gear. So check out the Outdoor Gear Reviews section of the site before you move on.

Staying Healthy

We all know that what we eat supplies the energy you need and affects both our performance and our health. Good outdoor fitness training habits and nutrition help you function optimally. Whether you are a competitive athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or just trying to stay in shape to do the types of outdoor activities you love, you need to know the latest information on nutritional considerations for outdoor fitness. Check out our Staying Healthy section of our web site. There we cover topics like your energy requirements, how food works as fuel, the importance of vitamins and minerals, ergogenic aids, water and fluids and more.

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